What is Insight?

Insight is an advanced continuous monitoring service for networks.

Kryptos Insight combines the advantages of continuous monitoring, threat intelligence, and vulnerability validation into one service. With Insight, you can pinpoint unforeseen weaknesses before they are exploited, reduce attack surface, and stay ahead of threats.

Why Insight?

Organizations can determine and maintain situational awareness by continuously measuring overall security posture.

Threat intelligence is correlated against your network assets and analyzed by the Kryptos Vulnerability Research Team (KVRT). The result? The ability to adapt to rapid changes in cyber threats and prioritize risks with early response.

Key Benefits:

  • Detect issues vulnerability scanners miss
  • Innovative threat intelligence feeds
  • Minimize the attack surface of your network
  • Reduce exposure period of vulnerabilities
  • Complement existing security controls
  • Help satisfy security compliance requirements

Insight Overview

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How Does Insight Work?

Insight emulates the reconnaissance phase of malicous actors.

Your network metadata is continuously collected and passively subjected to a stream of regularly updated attack methodologies. Flexible service options and result driven output make deployment non-intrusive and easy.

Security Intelligence

The unique combination of open, shared, and Zero day vulnerability intelligence allows Insight to see beyond industry standard vulnerability scanners. Insight will check for unknown and emerging threats rapidly reducing your exposure to exploitation.

Key Features:

  • Analyze changes in services and devices
  • Identify vulnerabilities in infrastructure
  • Emulate methodologies of penetration testing
  • Track emerging threats left open by unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Validate results to optimize organizational security efforts

Innovative Security Architecture

Insight architecture is designed around the evolving growth of sharing security data and Big Data analytics. With virtually unlimited scanning capability, limitless data sources, and correlation analysis by KVRT -- Insight fixes the dated model of quarterly or annual security assessments.