Our platform

is designed to address todays' evolving threat landscape. Whether preventing potential attacks through regular security monitoring or collapsing the amount of infiltration time an attacker has within a comprimised system.
Deploying our services and security framework will help prevent, detect, and respond to rapidly evolving digital threats.
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Situational Awareness

Your organization runs on complex and dynamic systems which act as the central nervous system of critical day-to-day operations. Prior to and during a breach having complete, accurate, and real-time situational awareness is critical, yet often elusive. With our threat intelligence, you are the first-to-know and first-to-respond.

Complete Security Solution

Sophisticated attacks today are too complex for the average SMB or enterprise to handle in-house. Additionally, organizations need to manage security across numerous distributed networks and locations while keeping up with the latest trends in technology. Kryptos provides the process and security framework, simplifying complex and laborious information technology associated with todays security threats.

Competitive Business Advantage

Whether it is compliance fees, class action lawsuits, stolen intellectual property, negative brand reputation, or down-time the consequences of a network breach are relentless and unforgiving. With improved situational awareness and a complete security solution, your preparedness reduces your overall cost of doing business and protects your intellectual property, ensuring you do not fall behind the competition.